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Douglass Candies




Design new 100 Years of Douglass Candies branding, packaging and advertising

Douglass Fudge 100 Years

What a treat and an honor to be asked to create the 100 Year Anniversary Brand for a Company as strong as Douglass Candies. The Challenge: World famous fudge and saltwater taffy among other creations and a brand that already has plenty of recognition, how do you be consistent with the brand yet create a fresh look?

You combine the classic elements that represent Douglass Candies and you introduce them to more contemporary design with clean lines. From new fudge boxes, candy tins, bags, shirts, hats, window signage and ornaments, a 100 Years of Douglass Candies was a success. Looking forward to 2119!

Creation of the 100 Years of Douglass Candies metal ornament.


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